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SBW Insurance Services offers a wide variety of high-quality and fully customizable insurance packages and solutions for all of our clients’ insurance needs. Schedule your consultation today to learn what we can do for you.

Helping Hands


A Heart for Non-Profits

Every non-profit is different. Non-Profits need a tailored approach to insurance that fits not only their budget but their unique exposures.

With over 8 Years of working with every type of non-profit imaginable we are able to find the right carrier partner for the right price. We focus on finding partnerships w/ carriers as there are many Risk Mngt Solutions provided free of charge that California Non-Profits can take advantage of. Please call us today for a risk assessment.


Home Care (Home Health & Companion Care Providers)

Quality Protection for Quality Providers

We offer the best protection for all types of Home Care Providers. Whether you are a New Venture or have 20 Years of Experience, we can find the right Insurance Solution. This includes all types of Home Care - Including Companion Care & Errand Care Business, Home Healthcare or Skilled Nursing Services for In-Home.  With over 8 years of working closely with Home Care Companies, we are able to help guide you through the complicated insurance requirements & help protect what matters for your business.

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Arborist - Man Cutting Tree_edited.jpg

Arborists, Tree Trimming & Landscaping Companies

Customized solutions for Landscaping & Tree Contractors

Arborist, tree trimmers & landscapers deserve the attention to detail & carrier partnerships that other much larger organizations enjoy. Unfortunately, many of these companies get placed in a standard "contractor GL market" with standalone Commercial Auto Insurance. This means that they're stuck paying too much $$ for subpar coverages. 

With over a decade working with Arborists, Tree Trimming Companies & Landscaping Companies, SBW Insurance can find the proper protection & risk management services available for every type of organization. By focusing on carriers that specialize in this space, we're able to save clients over 25%, on average, while offering more robust package coverage options. 


Hospitality - Restaurants, Craft Breweries, Brewpubs, Distilleries & Wineries

Your Source for Protection

We realize this Pandemic has been very tough for this industry - from decreased revenues, higher employee turnover & rising insurance costs. We're able to assist you with navigating the complex world of Insurance for your hospitality business. 

We are able to offer all lines of coverage & shop the market to find the best overall pricing and long-term carrier partner. 

Arms Raised in Huddle

Fitness, Sports & Outdoor Related Risks

Adventure Awaits...

If your clients sweat while paying you money...odds are we have a tailored insurance solution for your business. We partner with several carriers that have a history of insuring all types of fitness/ wellness & sports risks along with outdoor related risks. 

Solar Panels

Contractors - Artisans & GC's

We Work for Workers

We provide reliable service & quick turnaround for Artisan Contractors & GCs (including paper GCs). By working closely with our carrier partners to develop the best insurance program we can help lower insurance costs and help improve the overall safety culture of contractors everywhere. 

We focus on General Contractors, Roofers & Solar Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Remediation Contractors & Handymen. We can consider other specialty trades as well. 

Commercial Building

Real Estate

Total Building at a Time

With a focus on commercial real estate, we are able to customize insurance solutions for Shopping Centers, Office Complexes, Industrial Centers, Warehouses, etc. We pay careful attention to partner with carriers who specialize in this space & are able to provide Risk Management Services that go above & beyond the usual Property & Liability Packages that every other broker is offering. 

Window Cleaners

Unique & Hard to Place Risks

Ready for Anything

We have a long history of working closely with our clients & carrier partners to help insure accounts with recent claims experience or unique exposures that make it hard to fit with a Standard Market (ie wrecking/ rage rooms, axe throwing, mobile RV Repair, mobile bartending services, etc.). This can even be something as simple as a property in a high wildfire area. 

If you've been told that your business is "high risk" please give us a call. We can help you craft an insurance solution that fits your budget & provides proper coverage. 

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